Lian offshore services

Lian offshore services co.

Lian Offshore Services Company established, with the experienced and skilled personnel, who had several years of services in various companies dealing with offshore / onshore and marine operation, with the intention to submit marine services in accordance to the international codes and standards and as co-ordinates with well known international marine organizations and companies.


In accordance with customer /client’s orientated policy of Lian offshore services, and maintaining international standards of marine services, we, as an Iranian ship agent are organized in two main departments (Operation/technical, and Commercial). These two departments enable us to recognize and satisfy clients’ requirements which should be

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History of Lian offshore services:

In order to provide offshore services at world’s standards and codes level, and meanwhile in accordance with famous offshore organizations and companies, Lian Company Offshore Services was established in 2002, with cooperation of some experienced and marine professionals. Lian Co. is operating at same level ever since.

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