Lian offshore services co:

In order to provide offshore services at world’s standards and codes level, and meanwhile in accordance with famous offshore organizations and companies, Lian Company Offshore Services was established in 2002, with cooperation of some experienced and marine professionals. Lian Co. is operating at same level ever since.


Some of company’s activities:

According to Islamic Republic of Iran’s laws, all the vessels entering/existing Iranian ports should obtain official Enter/Exit permits, from official authorities, which should be done through its AGENT.

On the other hand according to the same law, any vessel bringing in/taking out any cargo should also obtain permit, from official authorities, through its AGENT.

Fulfilling any vessel’s requirement, for any range of items, along the jetty or at anchorage is also done by its AGENT, by obtaining permission from official authorities.

In addition, all the foreign vessels doing some projects in Iran have to have a valid Visa for their non-Iranian crew, which again should be obtained by their AGENT.

One of Lian Co. activities is as Ship’s AGENT, and what has been mentioned above is only part of our activity as ship’s AGENT.

Crews’ Visa

Getting visa for foreign crews entering Iran for projects

Cargos’ Entry/Exit permit

Getting permit for entering/exiting cargo at Iranian Ports

Vessels’ Entry/Exit Permit

Getting permit for vessels entering/exiting Iranian ports

Lian Offshore Services Company also procures vessels’ requirements:

Technical Study of requirements

Studying the requirements technically and market wise using the data provided by customer

Finding the Market

Finding the requires items in Internal/external markets and notifying the customer of descriptions and cost and date of delivery

Drawing contract

Drawing the required contract with customer or provider if required

Finding financial sources

Finding the right financial sources for procuring the customers required items

Procurement and shipping

Procuring and shipping required items to customer’s location