Kish Island Office:

This office which is situated at Kish Island is active under a separate Company called “Lian Kish Offshore Services Company” (Lian Kish for short), which is our sister company and working as an Iranian ship agent . This company is headed by Mr. P. Nazari as its general manager.

Lian Kish is authorized to take in/out supplies and technical spare parts and equipment to/from Kish Free Zone, and has authorization for obtaining entry/exit visa for expatriate personnel, or vessels’ crew. This branch has also a protocol with representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get marine entry/exit visas for oil platforms and excavation rigs’ personnel.

This office is equipped with 2 cars, office equipment, and has 4 clerks. It has a contract with Flamingo Hotel for hoteling on the job personnel, and has a contract with Marina hotel for VIP persons.